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Daily Readings from the Book of Concord

This is Monday of week 17, so the reading for today is: AP V 1-23. Click on the link to go to the start of that reading.

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For other readings, click here for the readings for the entire year.

Now, remember to only read what is shown for the day! You will read ahead otherwise! The links provided just put you at the start of the reading, they don't stop at the end of the reading for the day. You may of course use this guide to read from your copy of the Book of Concord.

The daily readings are set up where you will read the entire BOC over the course of a year. I set it up to just go through the current date as people are going to constantly be finding it over the course of the year, and for everyone to start at the "beginning" means everyone Follow me on Twitterwill be on a different location. It makes sense to me to just start wherever in the year you are, and people can join as they wish. If you stick around with the readings for a year -- great! They will have read the entire BOC! You can receive these by email or on your web-enabled phone using twitter! The daily readings are based on the chart at the start of the Concordia edition of the Book of Concord.

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